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Great Big Story

Big Ass Ants

These large, winged insects are a rare delicacy in Colombia. They only emerge from their underground nests once a year, so you have to catch them while you can. Commissioned by Great Big Story (directed, produced, shot)

The Most Densely Populated Island in the World

Two hours off the coast of Colombia is a small island home to over 1,200 people. As the entirety of Santa Cruz del Islote only spans the length of two soccer fields, residents live in close quarters, making the island four times as dense as the borough of Manhattan. Commissioned by Great Big Story (directed, produced, shot)

Compass Light Productions: Reel Earth Collection

El Cristo Negro

Every 21st of October, thousands of Panamanians walk days and miles, some even crawling on their knees, to reach the rare Cristo Negro of Portobelo. This deity is said to be the patron saint of criminals, but are they just believers? (shot, aerials)

Ballet in El Salvador is called Alcira Alonso

At 92 years old, professor Alcira Alonso has lived a long life full of art and dance. When she came to El Salvador, she created the ballet school and is not known worldwide. In a changing and dangerous country, she shows the youth of El Salvador, that dancing is a way out. (shot, aerials)

Sede La Colina

To promote their newly redesigned club Colsubsidio La Colina, we were commissioned to make a video showing off all the new activities and areas that members can now enjoy. (client: Rubica)

Copa Airlines
Donde descubrir un paraíso mágico es posible

To promote their new travel destination of Belize, Copa Airlines teamed up with the Belize Board of Tourism to send Colombian and Panamerican Freediving Record Holder Sofía Gómez Uribe, to explore the beautiful Central American country.


While there, she engrossed herself in the culture, the cuisine, visited some ancient Mayan sites, and of course, had her fun in the water as well. (Directed, filmed, and edited this 3 video series.)

Yo Voy a Ser

Colombian artist Adriana Ramírez created this installation for one day only outside of the National Museum in Bogotá, Colombia. "Yo Voy a Ser" was designed to make people recognize that there is a difference between saying "I want to be more responsible" and "I am going to be more responsible." By changing the way you approach choices in your life, people can create new futures for themselves; to stop being spectators, and become co-authors of their own destiny. Filmed, edited, and directed.


Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa

Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa is an island paradise. Built for honeymooners with a knack for adventure, the island stuns with amazing snorkeling, scuba diving, food, beaches, and views to die for. Filmed, directed, and edited.

Sofía Gomez Uribe
Colombian Freediver sets World Record

On July 5th, 2017 Colombian freediver Sofía Gomez Uribe set her first World Record on the Caribbean island of Dominica and we were there to capture the magical moment.

Vertical Blue 2016
The Premiere Freediving Competition

The week of April 22nd 2016, 36 world-class athletes from 20 different countries joined dual World Record holder, William Trubridge, to compete in the 2016 Vertical Blue Freedive Challenge at Dean’s Blue Hole, Bahamas.


This freediving depth-competition is the sporting event of the year for elite competitive freedivers – the “Wimbledon of Freediving,” as dubbed by the NY Times. (5 selects of 11 video series directed, filmed, and edited.)

GENERAL ELECTRIC                            
Drop Science

Musician Matthew Dear and GE Acoustics Engineer Andrew Gorton teamed up to collect and compose thousands of audio emissions from the world’s most powerful machines. Then GE teamed up with Marquese "Nonstop" Scott to put the music to dance. Over 1,000,000 views. Co-filmed and edited.



Hennessy Artistry Tour 2010

Hennessy Artistry is a famed global music campaign to promote the art of mixing various genres and blending the talents of the world's top artists in an evening of pure unification; mixing sound, visual innovation and drinking experiences from around the world. 5 cities, 5 concerts. Filmed, directed, and edited.


Mary J. Blige - Stairway to Heaven (Making of)

Mary J. Blige covered Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" with an all-star group of musicians including Orianthi, Steve Vai, Travis Barker, and Randy Jackson, in addition to a full string orchestra. I edited the piece and was one of the three cameramen.

Step Up 3D: Behind the Moves Part. 3

Get on the floor with the cast, dancers and director of Step Up 3D! This bonus footage from "Behind the Moves" was used to advertise and attract more attention for Step Up 3D.

VEVO 24s: Enrique Iglesias

Following Enrique Iglesias for 24 hours as he prepared to release his CD, "Euphoria." Edited and ran one camera.

Industry Hustlers: Good Charlotte

Following brothers Joel and Benji Madden of Good Charlotte around as they prepare to release their CD, "Cardiology." Directed, edited and ran one camera.

Inside the Hit Song: "Gives You Hell"

Universal Music Publishing Group and VEVO present "Inside The Hit Songs," a new original series about songwriters and songwriting process behind some of your favorite hits. In this premiere episode, we talk to Tyson Ritter and Nick Wheeler of AAR about how they wrote the smash, "Gives You Hell."

Orianthi - Courage [feat. Lacey] (Behind the Scenes)

Behind the scenes video for Orianthi's music video, "Courage," featuring Lacey from Flyleaf. The video was shot in Los Angeles, CA over one day.


The Blonde & the Brunette

Based in Beverly Hills, the Webby award-winning blog, The Blonde & The Brunette, was founded in the Fall of 2010 from NJ’s front row seat at the Prada runway show in Milan.  Currently followed in over a 110 countries, The Blonde & The Brunette is designed to be a quick, daily dose of fashion, style and beauty.


The Hollywood Prince & The Hillbilly Pimp

Andrew "Diggy" Rhoda and Aaron Montgomery make quite an eclectic team, but with their hours of experience in their individual fields, they are a team to be reckoned with. They are working together to take a client's vision and turn it into home improvement reality.


Herald Hill

Venice Beach, CA based clothing line with midwest roots.

Miakel Bishay

Miakel Bishay offers Santa Monica a full menu of hair, color, and waxing services in an upscale sleek NY style salon.

Children of War Foundation

Children of War Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing medical care to children that have sustained injuries resulting from war, regional conflict and/or displacement.

With the help of CHLA and USC, COWF is able to connect injured children with some of the finest surgeons in the United States.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group is unique in the sense that Dr. Danielpour and Dr. Layke work jointly with every patient; they examine each patient together, offering two different perspectives. This also cuts operative times in half, and ultimately creates a safer environment for you.


UCLA Alumni Awards

Six videos produced for the recipients of 2015 UCLA Awards, bestowed by the UCLA Alumni Association to honor the best of UCLA.

William Melo - "Sinapsis"

A promotional video made for Colombian fashion designer William Melo's collection entitled "Sinapsis," which draws its inspiration from the interaction of neurons in the body. Directed, shot and edited.


Interstellar and Taylor Swift "Stay" mashup music video. The audio has been muted since Tay Tay owns the internet and doesn't want anyone to have access to her music.

Taran Singh - "Unturned Stones"

Trailer edited for gaining funding for the feature length documentary "Unturned Stones" about the life of world-renowned physicist, Charles Townes.

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